WWE Superstar Goldberg’s return this week on RAW Oct 17,2016

Goldberg’s vs Brock Lesnar

He accept the challenge to fight with the incarnate Brock Lesnar. Goldbergs will return this week on raw Oct 17,2016 and answer Paul Heyman’s challenge to “fight” with his client the Beast.

This is very good news for the Goldberg’s fans.A match will be expected between these two wwe superstars and its will be a great match ever.

Because no one else can beat The Beast Brock Lesnar except Goldberg. Wwe fans are excited to watch a match between these two.So watch live on webkingclub this Monday night raw Oct 17,2016 and enjoy the evening with your wwe legends.

[tie_full_img]wwe raw goldberg's[/tie_full_img]


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